Denis and Verna Adam
Denis and Verna Adam


We are very grateful for the support from our donors which enables us to produce a festival of such high quality.

Adam Foundation

For many years Denis and Verna Adam, through the Adam Foundation, have been very generous benefactors to the Festival through their naming rights sponsorship. Without their support the Festival would quite simply not have been able to exist.

We were saddened to hear of Denis' passing late in 2018. That the Festival continues to be such an important international chamber music event is a treasured legacy of the generosity of the Adam family.


2021 Adam Summer Celebration Donors

Dorothy and Alastair Kerr
Laurie and Peter Rothenberg
Christopher Finlayson


2022 Festival Donors

Tier 1 Donors

Dorothy and Alastair Kerr
Jerry and Elle Reuhl

Tier 3 Donors

Laurie and Peter Rothenberg
Ruth Bonita and Robert Beaglehole

Tier 4 Donors

Lindsay Pratt

Tier 5 Donors

Sir Malcolm and Lady (Chris) Grant


Past Festival Donors

2019 Impresario Donors

Jerry and Ellen Reuhl, Dorothy and Alastair Kerr, Laurie and Peter Rothenberg, Brent Ferguson, Vicky and John Berkheimer, Donald and Susan Best

2019 Virtuoso Donors

Christopher Jonas CBE and Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas DBE, Craig and Catherine Potton, Lynne Ferguson

2017 Impresario Donors

Jerry and Ellen Reuhl, Carolyn and Peter Diessl, Laurie and Peter Rothenberg, Dorothy and Alastair Kerr, J D Berkeimer Family Trust, Brent Ferguson, Donald and Susan Best

2017 Virtuoso Donors

Lynne Ferguson, Craig and Catherine Potton, Cranfylde Trust, Graeme Vining and Gaye Evans, Frances and Bill Bell

2017 Supporting Donors

Laurie Greig, Jane Wright

2015 Impresario Donors

J D Berkeimer Family Trust, Donald and Susan Best, Carolyn and Peter Diessl, Brent Ferguson, John and Ann Hercus, Kevin and Kay Isherwood, Jerry and Ellen Reuhl, Laurie and Peter Rothenberg, John and Linley Taylor

2015 Virtuoso Donors

Gary and Helena Hawke, Sally Hunt, Craig and Catherine Potton, Dr Gerrit and Mrs van der Lingen, Dame Adrienne Stewart, Cranfylde Trust, Ruth Field

2015 Supporting Donors

H D and S S Beignet, Gabrielle and Philip Coote, Elisabeth Boag

2013 Impresario Donors

Donald and Susan Best, Brent and Lynne Ferguson, Jerry and Ellen Reuhl, John and Linley Taylor

2013 Virtuoso Donors

Craig and Catherine Potton, Peter and Laraine Rothenberg, Gary and Helene Hawke, Sally Hunt, The Cranfylde Charitable Trust, Lady Adrienne Stewart, John and Vicky Burkheimer, HD & SS Baigent

2013 Supporting Donors

Rosemary Collier, Peter and Jillian Wellings, Elizabeth Clark, Alison Pearce, Arnold and Reka Solomon, Penny Rogers, Gudrun Genee, Lindis and Jeanette Taylor, Jenny McLeod, Gabrielle and Philip Coote, Candy Ostman, Lula Stiles, Laurie Grieg, Peter and Kathryn Walls, Robert and Karin Pohl, Eleanor Gjelsten, Glenda Lorimer

2011 Festival Donors

Performance Sponsors: Carolyn & Peter Diessl, Linley & John Taylor

Benefactors: Jerry and Ellen Reuhl, Adrienne, Lady Stewart (Foundation Donor), Sally Hunt, Brent & Lynne Ferguson

Event Sponsors: Sir Geoffrey and Margaret Palmer

Virtuoso Donors: Lorna Ansell, Donald and Susan Best, Laurie Greig, Mr & Mrs Pohl, Euan Murdoch, Vicky & John Berkheimer

Diva Donors: Elisabeth Boag, Eleanor Gjelsten, Arnold & Reka Solomons, Lula Stiles

Supporting Donors: Mr & Mrs Neville Beach, Brian Burrell, Mr & Mrs M Cohen, Dale Densem, Mary Ann Beilman Deskins, Penelope Dunkley, Mr & Mrs Gibbons, Jusy Hanley, Les & Patricia Holborow, B C Mackersey

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