Old St John’s Church

While Christchurch bore the brunt, there are few towns in New Zealand unscathed in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes. Many heritage buildings have come under closer scrutiny and in Nelson our beloved School of Music is closed for strengthening work, due to be open for our next Adam Festival in 2017.

Meantime we’re very lucky that when the Methodists decided a couple of years ago to put their church on the market it was purchased by Eelco (son of the famed café owner) and Ali Boswijk. It could have been bowled by a developer, but instead has become one of Nelson’s best-loved venues – whether the crowd is thrilling to the Steinway grand or rocking to Dave Dobbyn!

Old St John’s and the Nelson School of Music were designed by the same architect and share a similar acoustic. We’re sure you’re going to love Old St John’s, but remember these venues do get warm, so pack your light summer wear.